suzie's spliff. | charcoal incense.

A modern mix of blissful energy, great for a circle of friends or a tranquil sojourn. This aroma has hints of cannabis buds, fragrant gardenias, & sweet tobacco leaves. Ignite the spliff & drift into a gentle, soothing atmosphere with its hints of smoky Palo Santo, sage, & oakmoss. Light it, savor it, extinguish it, & relax.


crown: cannabis buds, gardenia, oak moss

heart: tobacco, rhubarb, rosemary, sage

base: palo santo, vetiver, lilies, cloves, patchouli

earthy & calming.

(1) scented charcoal incense cones.

(1) palo santo stick.

each cone burns for 15-20 minutes.

1). Ignite the pointed end of the cone delicately with a lighter or match, & allow the fire to blaze for an adequate amount of time to produce a minuscule flame (10-15 seconds).

2). If the flame is not stoked sufficiently, it may languish before completion (approx. 25 minutes).

3). Gently waft the flames with a breath to put them out. The cone will emit a red-hot ember and a ring of smoke, & will independently stay alight.

4). Ensure a heatproof, fire-resistant holder is used to burn incense cones.

5). Burn incense in a well-aired space, far from combustible substances, &never leave it unattended or around children, animals, or drafts.

**Please note: the bottom of the cones may leave a residue on ceramic holders while burning. 

Our charcoal incense cones are handmade & fragranced in-house. They are 100% natural & made with sustainably sourced charcoal & bamboo. Its tranquil aromatic properties are perfect for aromatherapy, meditation, & spiritual practices.

Bask in our captivating aromas & witness a calming transformation in your space. West89 incense offers a natural, safe, & clean burn with our long-lasting fragrance blends that dawdle after being extinguished.

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