sunday blues. | discovery set.

Sunday Blues: Discovery Set is the perfect way to reset & restore after a long day. Soothe the senses with calming, aromatic candles that fill the air with the scent of restoration & relaxation. Enjoy a luxurious & elegant retreat while recharging for the week ahead.

1). suzie's spliff.
2). spin cycle.
3). juanita's garden.

**fragrances have been hand-poured in row form.

1). suzie's spliff.
crown: cannabis buds, gardenia, oak moss
heart: tobacco, rhubarb, rosemary, sage
base: palo santo, vetiver, lilies, cloves, patchouli

2). spin cycle.
crown: pink himalayan salt, green mandarin
heart: mineral waters, blue sea kelp
base: clary sage, white thyme, indonesian santal

3). juanita's garden.
crown: heirloom tomato leaves, jasmine
heart: crushed oregano, sweet basil, citrus
base: tigergrass, thyme, fern, argan tree

45+ hours

add wax melt(s) to warmer dish & enjoy the fragrance.

Explore west89's exclusive fragrances with our wax melts. Our wax melts are the perfect way to indulge in our fragrances without use of a flame.

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