cabin delight. | ambience mist.

Cabin Delight invites you to an idyllic sanctuary nestled among the picturesque Pocono Mountains. Pull up a blanket of flannel and bask in the radiance of a crackling fire, allowing a sense of serenity to truly take hold. Then breathe in the enchanting aromas of black cardamom, cinnamon bark, and tonka bean to transport yourself to an imaginative escape.

crown: cinnamon bark, black peppercorn
heart: chantilly cream, black cardamom, ginger
base: tonka bean, roasted chestnuts, chopped firewood

warm & gourmand.

(1) 4oz ambience mist.

(1) palo santo stick.

spray ambience mist as often as desired to liven up your space, or to enhance your bed linens & clothing.

scents can last up to several hours & even longer on fabrics.

**not safe to be sprayed directly on leather surfaces.

West89 uses premier, ethically sourced materials to design our products. Our ambience mists are made with premium perfumer's alcohol, glycerin, & polysorbate 80. Our fragrances are cruelty, paraben, & phthalate free. 

Our ambience mist will gently fill the air with a heavenly scent, creating an exquisite aura in any space. Let your place become a sanctuary with a fragrance to please all your senses. Our ambience mists are hand-poured in house, in small batches to give you a natural, clean aromatic experience. Our bottles can be recycled or repurposed for a useful second life.

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