a plan for salvation. | discovery set.

Discover inner peace with a plan for salvation: discovery set. This set has been curated to help relax & restore your mind & soul. Enjoy a serene retreat like atmosphere with these scents & get back in touch with your true self.

1). cabin delight.
2). weekend brunch.
3). sunday on the wissahiccon.

**fragrances have been hand-poured in row form.

1). cabin delight.
crown: cinnamon bark, black peppercorn
heart: chantilly cream, black cardamom, ginger
base: tonka bean, roasted chestnuts, chopped firewood

2). weekend brunch.
crown: grated ginger, orange zest, nutmeg
heart: maple syrup, cinnamon leaf
base: vanilla bean, brown sugar, buttermilk

3). sunday on the wissahiccon
crown: white peppercorn, cloves, cypress needles
heart: shaved cedar bark, siberian pine, birchwood
base: warm amber, reindeer moss, mexican vanilla bean

45+ hours

add wax melt(s) to warmer dish & enjoy the fragrance.

Explore west89's exclusive fragrances with our wax melts. Our wax melts are the perfect way to indulge in our fragrances without use of a flame.

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